Tiny Rhymes

Tiny Rhymes

About our music

“Some vocalists are singers. Others are soothers. Sharon Mok of Tiny Rhymes is a soother, one whose voice floats above her accompanying instrumentation, eases over lines of lyrics and relaxes listeners into serenity.” – Buffalo.com

Tiny Rhymes is an indie folk band comprised of singer-songwriter Sharon Mok on guitar, Katie Weissman on cello and vocals, Kathryn Koch on violin and vocals, Dan Schwach on percussion, and Tony Iannone on upright bass. Based in Buffalo, NY, the band is poised to release its first album during the Holiday season of 2014-15.

About the album

Tiny Rhymes' first album, titled "The Cape", is a five-song EP and is nearing completion! This album is a testament to the work Tiny Rhymes have accomplished in their short time together and audiences are sure to see another album come together in the near future. The songs, written by Sharon and arranged by the group, are influenced by the folk scene Sharon has found herself immersed in for the past several years as well as part of her childhood, spent listening to Chinese Opera in her grandma's kitchen.